What Barbers And Hair Dressers Wish You Knew

They’re the soldiers with scissors, the deities of dying, and the architects of amazing ‘dos. They’re your hair dresser, and they have some things they really want you, the customer, to know about their job.

Blokes, Please Put This In Your Hair ASAP

Blokes, Please Put This In Your Hair ASAP

Most men are pretty useless when it comes to grooming products. We’ll maybe muss some gel through our hair on special occasions, but that’s about it. As it turns out, men’s hair products are almost as varied as their female counterparts. This lavishly illustrated infographic will help you to distinguish…

Clean This Spot In Your Kitchen If You Have Pets

Zealous cleaners, beware: there is an area in your kitchen where filth has accumulated, and you can’t even see it. What’s particularly alarming about it is that it’s much worse if you have pets. (Or if the previous tenant had pets.)