14 International Sandwiches You Need To Eat Before You Die [Infographic]

14 International Sandwiches You Need To Eat Before You Die [Infographic]

Every country has their own unique take of the sandwich. While most are boringly pedestrian, there are a handful that stand out as truly inspired (not to mention bloody delicious.) This infographic breaks sown the top 14 sandwich interpretations from around the world — from the Philly cheesesteak to the chip butty. (And yes, Vegemite sammies made the cut!)

The infographic below comes from Darwin Escapes and includes the origin and key ingredients of 14 world-famous sandwiches. While some are a bit dubious (is a doner kebab really a sandwich?) it makes for moreish reading thanks to the mouth-watering photos. The only thing missing is detailed recipes — but as most of the featured sandwiches involve slapping stuff between bread, this isn’t much of an issue.

14 International Sandwiches You Need To Eat Before You Die [Infographic]

[Via Darwin Escapes]


  • One of the reason tourists always hate vegemite is because of eating it straight, as this article suggests. I cannot stress how bad of an idea this is, especially if you have never had it before. It’s like cordial. it needs to be diluted with butter, lots of it.

    • I was about to say, that’s Entirely the wrong way to eat a Vegemite Sanga. SPARINGLY!!!

    • Or cheese. Vegemite and cheese is much more common than a plain vegemite
      Plain vegemite should be reserved for toast

      • My Cheese and Vegemite Toastie *drools*

        Butter both sides of your bread, spread vegemite to taste, sprinkle finely grated cheese of your choice (I use a mix of roughly 1/5 pecorino for bite and flavour and 4/5 gruyere for melty greatness) and make in to sandwich sprinkle a little pecorino on the outside of the sandwich (optional, it should stick to the butter).

        Heat a heavy pan on the stove until very hot, fry sandwich (don’t need to add butter since the outside of sandwich is already buttered) until golden and cheese starts to goo! The pecorino on the outside of the sandwich should be crispy and golden and extremely delicious!

  • The problem with people eating Vegimite is shown in this picture…. they use TOO much!

  • What the hell is the point of a sandwich is you cover it in gravy and can’t hold it?

      • I figured that, but to me the point of a sandwich is you don’t need a knife and fork (or even a plate) to eat it. If I’m going to have a sit down meal, the idea of ordering a sandwich just seems wrong.

  • A vegimite sandwich isnt just vegimite and bread, you definitely need butter or margerine. And preferrably also a thick slice of cheese. Fail

  • so hungry now.
    love chips on bread with butter and sauce. been eating that since i was a kid.
    i’ve german/austrian heritage though. and cant stand herring.
    the submachine gun looks freakin awesome too.

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