Q: How Much Does A Club Sandwich Cost? A: Too Much [Infographic]

Q: How Much Does A Club Sandwich Cost? A: Too Much [Infographic]

Hotels.com has released its annual Club Sandwich Index (CSI) which ranks metropolitan cities based on the average price of a club sandwich. Australia’s placement on the list has changed significantly (and not in the direction you might be thinking).

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The club sandwich is a regular fixture in hotels and pubs around the world — which makes it a handy barometer if you’re trying to work out a food budget while travelling abroad.

Traditionally consisting of three slices of toasted bread interspersed with tomato, lettuce, bacon and turkey, the club sandwich is neither a hearty nor intricate meal. Despite this, some countries charge restaurant-level prices, which is usually a good indication that food won’t be cheap in that country.

According to this year’s CSI, the worst offender for overpriced club sandwiches continues to be Geneva, where the average price is an eye-watering $32.60. The Top 5 was rounded out by Paris, France ($29.36); Helsinki, Finland ($24.35); Stockholm, Sweden ($24.05); and Oslo, Norway ($23.80).

Interestingly, Sydney, Australia has fallen five places compared to last year’s CSI; the average price for a club sandwich now sits at $16.93; a price drop of over $3. That’s still roughly $6 too expensive for what you’re getting but at least the price is going in the right direction. You can check out the full CSI rankings below:

2014 Club Sandwich Index ($USD)

[Via: Hotels.com]


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