How To Secure Small Business Funding In Australia [Infographic]

How To Secure Small Business Funding In Australia [Infographic]

The single biggest roadblock to creating your own startup usually comes down to funding. Without that initial investment, even the best business idea will remain just that — an idea. This infographic examines Australia’s small businesses landscape with an emphasis on how to overcome those initial financial challenges.

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We’ve previously looked at how to start a small business when you’re broke. This infographic from Intuit QuickBooks Online breaks down the various funding and support mechanisms available to small businesses in Australia along with the financial challenges they often face.

When it comes to securing funding for your business, things might not be as bleak as you think. As the infographic explains, 60 percent of startups who request external funding are granted the money in one for or another. Not unrelatedly, QuickBooks is currently offering $1000 grants to Australian small business owners. (More information here.)

If you’re currently pursuing funding opportunities for your business and coming up empty handed, this infographic may contain a few options you haven’t thought of. (Open the image in a separate tab to enlarge text.)

[Via QuickBooks]