The Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Of 2015 [Infographic]

Crowdfunding sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are a great way to get new inventions off the ground — but for every success story there are countless far-fetched pipe dreams that crashed and burned. If you're currently sitting on a product idea that you think has mass appeal, it pays to see what the market is currently funding. This infographic counts down the 13 biggest success stories of 2015: from the bee hive "honey tap" to a card game about exploding kittens.

The infographic below comes from Choice Loans based on the most profitable crowdfunding ventures on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. As you can see, the most successful products tend to straddle the line between quirky and practical — bear that in mind when taking your own million-dollar idea on the digital road.

[via Choice Loans]


    #8 Zano Drone....

    Yes... very successful...

    When did they get their data?

    I already know of two projects that have surpassed the bottom few on their list:

    Scythe - $1.8 million
    MST3K - $2.7 million and counting...

    Hi Molokov.

    The items in the list were picked based on a median value of total volume of press coverage + amount earned, we'll be updating the graphic again in January 2016 and will certainly be including others.

    The zano drone was a total disaster. Even the CEO stepped down.

    The flowhive was a great idea, and their campaign did well, that was one of my favorites. They are shipping out their orders.

    Business Developer at Thrinacia White Label Crowdfunding

    There's also Bloodstained. It did really well.

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