What Is The Fastest Way To Peel A Kiwi?

Video: We're always looking for shortcuts in the kitchen to save a little time when preparing food, and today we're having a friendly competition to test out a few time-saving kitchen hacks. In our little tip tournament we're trying different methods for chopping cherry tomatoes, pitting cherries, peeling kiwis and, finally, making whipped cream without a whisk. The victor wins fruit salad, slightly used.


    don't worry about peeling the kiwi fruit, just eat it as is, like an apple, or one of those furry peaches.
    You can't taste the skin and suddenly kiwifruits in your lunchbox are a joyous thing to munch on rather than a chore of trying to avoid the skin.

      Also the look of disgust and horror on anyone nearby's face when they see you doing it is priceless. Whenever I ate them like that at school people would look at me like my head was spinning around Exorcist-style.

        not to mention the disgusted people that steadfastly refuse to even try it themselves in fear that the world will literally self destruct around them and they will suddenly become, I don't know, icky with themselves.

      Thank you for calling them Kiwi fruit, as a Kiwi is a bird and the fruit is a non-native named after it (originally Chinese gooseberry).

    Step 1, remove him from the sheep.....

    Leave him in the sun - get it - haha. i'm outta here.

    A Kiwi is an endangered animal.

    A KiwiFRUIT is, funnily enough, a fruit.

    You don't want to be peeling a real Kiwi, it'd be fast way to court!

    Eat this instead (I ate it a few of hours ago)

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