Briefly: Pokemon GO, Dashcam Crashes, God Hacker

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Everything we know about Pokemon GO, this month's craziest dashcam footage, the Bible's most baffling passages explained.

  • Feeling pious? Here are the most baffling passages in the Bible, and what they really mean.
  • Pokemon GO is a big deal. Here's everything that's known about the game so far, courtesy of Kotaku.
  • Dash Cam Owners Australia has put together another compilation of Australians being morons on our roads. Check it out here.
  • Watch Paint Dry is a 45-second-long game about watching paint dry. It was made by a 16 year-old hacker who somehow snuck it onto the Steam store. Kotaku has the story.
  • A woman who went from earning $42000 a year to building a business that earns over 7 times as much has shared her best advice with Business Insider. Click here for her tips.


    The 'Pokemon Go' link is wrong - it links to the 'Watching Paint Dry' article instead

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