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Do you pay your bills on time? Are you responsible with money? If so, you might qualify for the lowest ongoing variable home loan rate in Australia, thanks to a limited-time offer. For one week only, Reduce Home Loans is offering home loans from just 3.39%. Here are the details!


When you're saving for your first home the generally accepted advice is to have a 20 per cent deposit for your loan. With current house prices that can seem like an unattainable amount of money, so here are other options to consider.


Renting sucks. Finding an affordable place sucks. Finding a place that will accept your application sucks. Not least of all, being at the mercy of Australia's fractured internet landscape and gambling on what sort of connection - if any - your new home will have sucks.

Now you can search for NBN ready properties to make the process suck a little less.


In an industry first, rental search site Rent.com.au has added NBN status to its full listings, making it much easier to find a property with access to super-fast broadband. With a click of a button, prospective renters can see whether a house or apartment currently has access to the NBN - as well as the type of technology being used. The number of connected homes is higher than you might think.


Whether you're looking to boost the value of your property, need a separate lodging for your relative or just want to build a man cave/femme den, a granny flat is definitely the way to go. However, there are quite a few misconceptions about the planning and building process. What is and isn't allowed? We take a look at the legalities.


Followit is a new app for Android and iOS that pitches itself as the Instagram of real estate. Instead of following friends and celebrities, you follow houses in specific streets and suburbs where you want to live. Here's how it works.


Dear Lifehacker, our neighbour has a drone equipped with a camera. We have not given him permission to film our residential property and have previously told him we feel it's an invasion of our privacy. Today at approximately 3pm, he was within one metre of our rear deck (not visible from street). In addition to possibly filming us, the drone was quite noisy. Is this noise pollution? Is it trespassing? An invasion of privacy? Please help!