The Red And Black Gamer Workspace

The Red And Black Gamer Workspace

I’m not sure if Flickr user Jason T. Lewis is a gamer. But I’m pretty sure he’s a gamer, judging by the red bias lighting, the desktop wallpaper, and the battlestation gear.

These Jason has kindly listed for us:

New desk setup with A Samsung 55″ JS8500 4K TV, Beatles Box Sets, PC made by me, and a bunch of other stuff like: B&W 685 S2:

Grado Prestige Series SR80e:

Logitech G710 Blue:

Nyko Data Bank – PlayStation 4:

Razer Firefly:

Logitech G700s:

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2:

AT M50X:

Fender Mustang I V2:

Mackie 402VLZ4:

I’m personally a little intimidated by that wallpaper, but other shots of the workspace reveal Beatles box sets and other cool accessories. Black plus accent colour workspaces always look put together.

New Desk setup 2015 [Flickr]


  • Just wanted to say the wallpaper is from Watchmen (the comic/graphic novel that is, not the movie) so it’s not really an indication of the individual playing games. Exactly why his desk lamp is red I have no idea, most people tend to play a game or two so it’s not an unfair or unusual assertion to make, but with the audio set up it’s almost certain they’re a music buff as much as they might also be into games (you can see the Steam logo on the taskbar so they clearly do play games as well).

    • This. Nearly everyone plays games, being a gamer means you’re a gaming enthusiast, which I think is a bit of a stretch here.

      I mean… it looks like a stock cooler on his CPU? The emphasis in the article is on the audio peripherals rather than the specs of the rig.

      So let me re-title the article – ‘Guy has computer desk with red lights and heaps of audio gear, obviously he’s a hardcore gamer’.

      • Well there is a PS4 sitting there too, so im pretty sure that might indicate that he is a gamer.

        • lol no doubt, and as @ctrlsaltdelete pointed out they have Steam installed so there’s definitely gaming happening at the desk… but I think it’s fairly clear that the focus of the setup is on the audio, not the gaming.

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