The Bold, Red And Black Workspace

The Bold, Red and Black Workspace

There's nothing like a dedicated colour scheme to tie a room together. In this case of this workspace, it's bold red walls and all black furniture.

The home office belongs to Erik J. Hazekamp, who details his setup on Flickr:

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Humanscale M8 Monitor Arm

Corsair 650D PC Case

Polk 35b Bookshelf Speakers (on stands)

APC SMT750 Smart-UPS

Ducky Shine II Mechanical Keyboard

Dell S2740l 27" IPS Display

Logitech G700 Mouse

Check out Erik's photostream for a view of the other side of the room, which houses a dedicated turntable space.

Desktop Office Space 2014 [Flickr]


    That chair just for the record is 1800 bucks and that's at stock with no custom stuff either.....

    This is also known more commonly as the I have a lot more money than you setup.

    Not jealous really, but damn that set up would have been a decent bit of money.

    Yeah I dunno, I got a desk from office works when I was a poor student for like 150 bucks which I feel is better than the desk in this photo. Tried to find a photo but sadly could not.

    Last edited 05/07/14 6:49 pm

    Only thing I'm really jealous of is that monitor arm. Damn that's a nice and expensive arm. I'll stick with the Jaycar $79 arms, beefy enough! I do have that same monitor though.

    Also, I know my chair isn't ergonomic for crap, but goddamn you can pry my milan direct eames lounge rip-off office chair from my cold dead hands ;p

    Last edited 05/07/14 11:06 pm

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