The All IKEA, Cubes-Everywhere Workspace

The All IKEA, Cubes-Everywhere Workspace

Many home offices lack enough storage space, but that’s not a problem with today’s featured workspace; in fact, the IKEA Expedit shelving units are one of the highlights, adding cubes everywhere for visual interest as well as storage.The large IKEA Galant desk offers lots of room too to spread out. Keeping all the furniture white in a room with a grey and red colour scheme also adds to the space’s tranquil feel. (I’m not sure what the PlayStation 3 and Wii stencilling on the wall is all about, though; the equipment list on Flickr includes an Xbox 360 Slim, so there’s little doubt Flickr user chargerfun is a gamer).

Desk Setup | July 2011 | All IKEA [Flickr]


  • I have a similar setup in my office using the Expedit shelving. I have half as much storage space (filled with textbooks) but considering their shelves in this article are empty (defeats the whole purpose of shelves); looks slightly stupid.

  • Did the same thing with my office. A very easy way to fill up a space and give you the most utility for the lowest possible price– more money to spend on the technology ;).

  • Remember to check the “As-is” section for cheap gear too – if it has a *dint* put the dint against the wall – the other side is 99% always perfect! – I’ve kitted up my Mrs craft room with x7 Expedit shelves all discount and you wouldnt know.

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