How To Clean Your Filthy Laptop

How To Clean Your Filthy Laptop

We use our laptops all the time but how often do we clean it? Okay, put down the wet rag for now because thoroughly cleaning your machine without damaging it can get a bit tricky.

Your laptop, especially the keyboard that constantly touched, can get a bit gross after extended use without a good wipe down. But you can’t just attack it with any cleaning products laying around the house.

Melissa Maker from Clean My Space has compiled a comprehensive video on how to give your laptop a proper cleaning. She does run through some basic precautions that you should take to avoid ruining your device and runs down a list of suggested products to use for the job.

Interestingly, she advises against using window cleaner for the process because it can damage the finish on the laptop. Watch the clip for a detailed breakdown on how to clean your laptop the right way.

[Via Clean My Space]

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