You Will Either Love or Hate Tiktok’s Fix for Earwax-Infested AirPods

You Will Either Love or Hate Tiktok’s Fix for Earwax-Infested AirPods
Image: Julianna_Claire
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If you come here often, you’d know that I’m actually obsessed with the AmazonFinds hashtag on TikTok. It has led me to buy some of the most weird and wonderful gadgets on the internet, most of which have completely changed my life (button pins, anyone?). This morning I discovered AirPods cleaning putty, and folks, it’s like ASMR for your eyeballs.

Airpod cleaning putty is kind of like Blu Tack but much, much less sticky, and basically, all you have to do is press a square of it over the opening of your Airpod speaker, and it pulls out all the little grainy things (and ear wax) that gets stuck in the speaker bit.

Watch the cleaning putty in action on TikTok right here.

I don’t know about you, but my mind is blown, and my Amazon cart is full.

The AirPods cleaning putty pictured in the video isn’t available here in Australia, so I’ve gone ahead and hunted down the next best thing, and I found this full cleaning kit for just $17.

The kit comes with 10 cleaning wipes, 95 cleaning swabs, one cleaning cloth, a soft brush, three soft bristle brushes, and 33 squares of putty remover. Not only is it perfect for cleaning your AirPods and the case, but you can also use it to clean your phone and laptop keyboard as well. Check out the full kit below.

AirPod cleaning putty

You can buy the Earphone Cleaning Kit ($17) from Amazon here.

Enjoy clean AirPods, my friends. You deserve it.

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