Find Keywords On Web Pages Quickly In iOS 9 With The Find On Page Button

Find Keywords on Web Pages Quickly in iOS 9 with the Find on Page Button

iOS: In previous versions of iOS, to find a keyword on a page you needed to tap the URL bar in Safari and type in your search. In iOS 9, it's a little easier with a button tucked away in the share menu. Just tap the share menu (the box with the upwards arrow) after you've loaded a web site, then scroll over to the Find on Page button. Now, type the keyword you're looking for and it will search the page. The old method of using the URL bar still works, but this is a little bit easier to do.

How to Find Text on Web Page in Safari for iOS 9 on iPhone & iPad [OS X Daily]


    a few weeks late.

    I've seen some developers do some dodgy things with the share menu, but a search function!!?!!?!?

    I am 'sharing it to the search'. That's just plain weird. Shame on you Apple, Shame!

    Maybe they should give up and call it the 'random interface stuff we couldn't fit anywhere else'. That's apparently what some developers are doing, but I'd have expected better from Apple (although that bar is getting lower by the minute).

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