The Easiest Way To Clean A Public BBQ

The Easiest Way To Clean A Public BBQ

You know the last time you cleaned your own BBQ, but if you’re grilling in the park, you can’t be sure when that public BBQ last got a thorough scrubbing down. Next time you head to a cookout at the park or camping, here’s how you can clean that BBQ easily.

You’ll need some basic BBQ-cleaning tools: a grill brush, aluminium foil, two paper bags and a fork. Here’s what to do:

  1. Scrub the BBQ and charcoal grates with the grill brush.
  2. Wipe down the outside of the BBQ. If there is any leftover ash in the BBQ, cover one hand in a bag and sweep the ashes into the other bag.
  3. If the BBQ has an ash catcher, clear that out as well.
  4. Line the BBQ with aluminium foil and poke holes in it with a fork to allow air to get through.

Now you’re ready to fire up the BBQ and enjoy your day outdoors. For photo examples of each step, check out the original post linked below.

How to Clean a Charcoal Grill [The Kitchn]


  • Do they have a lot of these types in australia? Most of the ones I’ve seen in and around Brisbane are the electric ones with the metal plate with the hole in the middle.

    • I’ve seen them (rarely) in areas where they wouldn’t be able to run electricity to – though still rarely since a wood burner is near useless in summer with fire bans in National Parks.
      But who can’t figure out “cleaning a bbq”? I was expecting a clever trick to make it easier – I think if you can’t figure that one out, you won’t have the mental capacity to find LifeHacker and read the article.

  • For the public ones with the metal flat top with hole, I’ve always used beer (brand of beer that’s been in fridge from some random occasion that no one drinks).

    Turn it on, pour beer, wipe/repeat couple times and there ya go.

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