Deep Clean Your Grill Once A Year For Better Barbecues

So you want to have a barbecue, but you pull your grill out of the garage only to find that it's a sea of dirt and grime. Luckily, it's pretty simple to give your grill a proper cleaning before setting it up for the warmer months of the year.

We've shown you how to clean the top of your grill with an onion or a bit of aluminium foil, but about once a year you should give your grill a deeper cleaning for better grilling and longer life. DIYer Danny Lipford shows us, in just a few minutes, how to disassemble your grill and clean all the necessary parts with minimal effort. Hit the link to read more.

How to Clean a Gas Grill [5minLife Videopedia via DIY Life]


    you forgot the most important part.. oil the grill lightly to prevent rusting.

    Generally I've found Danny Lipford provides 'dumb solutions for dumb people' - no offence to anyone but Danny here; but his solutions are always the most convoluted and barely practical methods I've ever seen...

    One great trick for cleaning a BBQ is to soak in it a hot bucket of Napisan for a few hours - this breaks down the cooked on grease, and makes it a breeze to clean... Also works wonders with oven parts that are covered in that black enamel like grease.

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