Can You Solve This Children's Maths Puzzle?

School quizzes occasionally contain a puzzle so fiendish that it even stumps intelligent adults. (Teachers have to get their kicks somehow, y'know.) The above brain-teaser recently appeared on an elementary school entrance exam in Hong Kong and quickly went viral. How long will it take you to solve it?

Study the above puzzle. You need to work out what number is obscured by the car based on the visible sequence of numbers — 16, 06, 68, 88, [blank] and 98.

If you know the trick to this puzzle, it should only take a few seconds to work out. For everyone else, try not to get too caught up in complex sequencing — it's a lot easier than you think. We like this puzzle because it forces you to apply logic and think outside the box: the only barrier to the solution is your own thought process.

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If you don't work it out immediately, don't feel too bad — apparently, many adults have a hard time with it, whereas kids are quicker to find the answer. (We'll leave it to one of our readers to provide the solution in the comments!)

[Via Business Insider]


    it would be 87 Turn the image upside down

    The inverse-O function helps (where O stands for Origami)
    Solution: 87.

      Yep got the same, but I don't think that children would know the inverse O function... I just used long division

        Children don't know how to turn a piece of paper upside down?

    Yup, its 87. Very simple to figure when you know why its 87.

    *edit* and I think its far too soon to post a solution.

    Last edited 24/11/15 4:21 pm

    I'm more impressed that whoever parked the car managed to balance it on it's rear quarter! I suspect Jackie Chan was involved, somehow.

    Mr Squiggle would have got this in a heartbeat.

    Clearly, the number is negative 87. The numbers represent the IQs of recent Prime Ministers:

    16 = Keating
    6 = Howard
    68 = Gillard
    88 = Rudd
    ?? = Abbot
    98 = Turnbull

      If Keating is 16 then the others will be negative and the prince of darkness Abbott would be minus infinity.

      how you are putting abbot above anyone on that list is beyond me

    Turn the picture upside down ;)

      Turns phone. Oh I see.

    This isn't "recent". Also what is going viral?

    Dammit I've been frozen for over 200 years again haven't I?

    Was on Scam School 6 months ago:

    87!!!! Hehe...the satisfaction a 40 year old man gets from knowing he's smarter than a little kid.

    Is it 87? Because its the answer to the puzzle in the image is 87...but the answer to the question in the article

    Study the above puzzle. You need to work out what number is obscured by the car based on the visible sequence of numbers — 16, 06, 68, 88, [blank] and 98.

    is L8 or something along those lines... the image maybe flipped (which is what we're all assuming to solve the puzzle), but should we flip the answer??

    A car enters the parking lot 87 which is the number the driver / it will see. Since the reader is seeing it differently / from a different perspective, the question what is the number of the parking space containing the car is best answered from the driver's point of view.

    Having said that, if the answer is to be a written answer, you sure can write L8 :)

    I call BS on the whole "this was used as an exam question in X country, stumping everybody". This line has been done before. Stop it LH.

    Call it what it is - a puzzle of the week - and stop using a misleading lead-in to generate hits.

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