How Long Does It Take Lifehacker’s Editor To Solve A Rubik’s Cube?

Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman is a man of many skills. He’s an exceptionally good speller, can make even the most tedious enterprise conference sound interesting and apparently doesn’t require a wink of sleep. He’s also pretty good at solving Rubik’s Cube puzzles.

Today is the 40th anniversary of the original Rubik’s Cube, which just about justifies this self-aggrandising video. Watch with bated breath as Angus solves the puzzle in just over two minutes; despite it being a shonky, no-name version that didn’t twist properly. His home-taught tactics are far too complex and esoteric to get into here, although it appears that extending your pinkie finger like a posh 19th century tea-drinker is a viable strategy.

I’m pretty sure it would take me a solid 20 minutes to complete this puzzle — which is why I don’t waste my time with such nonsense (sorry Angus). To try your own hand at solving a Rubik’s Cube, head to Google and click on the interactive animation above the search bar. Post your best results in the comments section below!

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