How Long Does It Take Lifehacker's Editor To Solve A Rubik's Cube?

Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman is a man of many skills. He's an exceptionally good speller, can make even the most tedious enterprise conference sound interesting and apparently doesn't require a wink of sleep. He's also pretty good at solving Rubik's Cube puzzles.

Today is the 40th anniversary of the original Rubik's Cube, which just about justifies this self-aggrandising video. Watch with bated breath as Angus solves the puzzle in just over two minutes; despite it being a shonky, no-name version that didn't twist properly. His home-taught tactics are far too complex and esoteric to get into here, although it appears that extending your pinkie finger like a posh 19th century tea-drinker is a viable strategy.

I'm pretty sure it would take me a solid 20 minutes to complete this puzzle — which is why I don't waste my time with such nonsense (sorry Angus). To try your own hand at solving a Rubik's Cube, head to Google and click on the interactive animation above the search bar. Post your best results in the comments section below!

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    I taught myself to solve a rubiks cube a few years ago, the first thing you learn is that Rubiks brand cubes suck, i only learnt the layer method, i haven't bothered with speed algorithms.

    Recently i taught myself to solve a 4x4 cube which is a little bit harder but once you solve the edges and edge pairs you can solve it like a normal 3x3 cube.

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      but once you solve the edges and edge pairs you can solve it like a normal 3x3 cube
      Unless you have parity cases to resolve

        Yeah, they suck but there two simple algorithms for both edge and corner parities which makes memorising them much simpler.

      yes, me 2.. But I can only solving lie 1

    I’m pretty sure it would take me a solid 20 minutes to complete this puzzle

    If you have never solved one before and aren't getting advice from anyone or following a guide, you'd be a very clever man to be able to do it that quickly.

    I just take to my daughters with a kitchen knife, pull the thing apart and reconstruct. Voila! Takes about 3 minutes though.

      Dude, learn to use 'em,

      While these coloured cubes can be frustrating, that response is a tad harsh.

      I just take to my daughter's with a kitchen knife.

      Punctuation saves lives.

    My 12-year old nephew solves it in 90 seconds - blindfolded!

    Solving Rubik's cube does not mean you are smart and if you are at a tedious enterprise conference, well those conferences should never be held.

    >apparently doesn’t require a wink of sleep

    No wonder he looks like he's in his 50s!
    Oh god, don't ban me Angu

    I found a "your" versus "you're" spelling mistake by Angus a few days ago.

    When I was a child, someone told me that any Rubik's cube could be solving within 7 steps. I don't know whether it is right? or anyone can prove that within how many steps that one can solving it.

      IIRC it's been shown any configuration can be solved in 20 moves or less. 7 I doubt.

    So the answer is 20!? Maybe using some method , we can calculate how many combinations of a Rubik cube,

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