Ask LH: Is The PlayStation 4 Really Better Than The Xbox One?

Dear Lifehacker, after six years of faithful service, my Xbox 360 finally contracted the Red Ring Of Death. I’ve decided to upgrade to the next generation, but I’m unsure which console to buy. Most of my friends claim the PS4 is superior, but I’ve been an Xbox (and Halo) gamer my whole life. If I get the Xbox One will I be disappointed? Thanks, Achievement Junkie

Dear AJ,

If you prefer Xbox, go with the Xbox One. While it’s true that Microsoft’s latest console had a bit of a bumpy launch, it has since come into its own and provides roughly the same gaming experience as the PlayStation 4.

In a side-by-side comparison, the PS4 sometimes comes out on top due to its superior graphics card and higher memory bandwidth. This can result in crisper looking graphics in cross-platform games. However, the difference isn’t massive and certainly won’t ruin your enjoyment. Xbox One games can still comfortably hit 60 frames per second and the (occasionally) shorter draw distances are unlikely to affect gameplay.

Personally, we think product familiarity is more important. In short, the Xbox One boasts the controller, user interface, exclusives and achievements that you know and love. Tossing all that aside for slightly slicker graphics would be silly.

When it comes to entertainment options, the Xbox One is certainly no slouch, with optional streaming access to Foxtel Play, PLUS7, SBSOnDemand, TENplay, YouTube, Netflix, Plex, Twitch, Quickflix, Crackle and a whole bunch of lesser known applications.

It also has its own built-in media player, a Blu-ray drive and a HDMI-in port. The latter allows you to access a HDMI gadget such as Google Chromecast through your Xbox One instead of wasting an input on your TV; something that the PS4 lacks.

Another compelling reason to go with Xbox One is backwards compatibility with Xbox 360. An upcoming software update will make it possible to insert and play select discs from the previous generation. This is a great feature if you have a bunch of unfinished titles in your collection or just like replaying old games.

Want a more detailed overview on how the two consoles compare? You can find everything you need to know via our Xbox One vs. PS4 face-off article. We crowned PlayStation 4 the overall winner, but this was based on someone with no skin in the game. As an Xbox fan, we advise you to stick to what you love. (Plus, it’s the only way to play Halo!)


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