Dealhacker: Best Australian Prices For Xbox One And PlayStation 4

The E3 video game expo is in full swing, with Microsoft, Sony, EA Games and Ubisoft all announcing offerings for the PS4 and Xbox One, including the return of Halo and Uncharted. If the coverage has whetted your appetite for a new console, here are the cheapest deals in Australia.

PlayStation 4

You can currently get the PS4 from Target for $549. Annoyingly, the deal is in-store only, but at least that cuts down on delivery costs.

JB Hi-Fi also has a deal with considering — for $598 you get the console, plus the video games NBA 2K14, Watchdogs, FIFA 14 and Man of Steel. Not bad if you're a sports game fan.

UPDATE: Until 8pm tonight (11 June), you can get the PS4 from Dick Smith for $488.

Xbox One

EB Games appears to have the cheapest local price for the Xbox One at the moment — you can snap it up for $497 which includes three games: Watch Dogs, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Forza 5. However, this deal does not include the Kinect motion-controlling peripheral.

If you want Kinect, the deals are pretty samey across the board: you can get the Titanfall bundle direct from the Microsoft Store for $599. This includes the games Titanfall (natch) and Forza 5.

UPDATE: Until 8pm tonight (11 June), you can get the same Xbox One Titanfall bundle from Dick Smith for $548.

Have you seen the Xbox One of PS4 going for less? Share your links in the comments sections below.


    JB Hi-Fi and EB Games also have Xbox One bundles for $598, Kinect included: and
    And EB Games have PS4 bundle for $599:
    But besides bundles, there are no real deals (come on, $2 savings?), and in PS4 case those bundles are $50 extra compared to RRP.
    Last paragraph doesn't make sense, both HN and MS Store have Kinect-less SKU for that price.

    Last edited 11/06/14 12:33 pm

      I got an xbox one for $6.00 on no joke. Perfect condition

    JB seem to have changed the $598 bundle to only having WatchDogs and Fifa.

    Free controller and titan fall and xb one controller

    whats the cheapest xboxone out there, at present?

      The cheapest price that I have seen a brand new Xbox1 going for lately has been in BigW for $388 and that was last week so I went and put it on lay-by!

    I'm still checking out prices for a Black WiiU and a PS4 but so far Dick Smith have the cheapest PS4 price it's an online price of $489 has anyone seen a cheaper price then this?

    I want to grab a ps4 today, but your docksmith console for $499 isn't showing up. It's got $549 and that's it. Is there any other shops that I can get a cheap bundle or a console? Thanks heaps

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