Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted an overview of the Australian economy and NBN, male masturbator reviews and a KFC Original Tender taste test. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. The NBN: Why It’s Slow, Expensive And Obsolete
    After coming to power in the 2013 Federal Election, the Coalition government promised to deliver a national broadband network that would be faster, cheaper and more quickly deployed than Labor’s scuttled fibre-to-the-premises plan. Two years on, what have we got? Regardless of where your politics lie, the answer isn’t pretty.
  2. Australia’s Economy Is Slowing: What You Need To Know
    Australia has had 24 years of consistent growth. Is it all about to come to a crashing end? The following in-depth analysis from three professors of economics and a market forecasting expert paints a pretty bleak picture. It resembles nothing less than a “perfect storm”.
  3. 25 Horrible Things That Happen If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep
    In our 24/7 culture, sleep loss is a major problem. Back in 1942, we averaged almost 8 hours of sleep a night — now that’s down to 6.8. Everyone knows that it’s important to get enough sleep, but you may not realise just how many things can go wrong when you don’t. Depending on how regularly you skip sleep, everything from your vision to sexual performance could be affected.
  4. The Tenga Flip Hole Will Change Your Mind About Male Masturbators [NSFW]
    Male masturbators are at the bottom of the sex toy totem pole in terms of respect. A lot of men deem them unnecessary (“I’ve got my hand, and that’s free”), and a lot of women find them to be “odd”. I’m completely convinced that anyone who has a chance to play with the Tenga Flip Hole will immediately change their minds.
  5. How To Become So Good At Analytics Your Boss Can’t Fire You
    No matter where you live or how much money you make, you probably think you’re paying too much tax. But are Aussies really that hard done by? This infographic provides some answers.
  6. How Does Australia’s Tax Rate Compare To The Rest Of The World? [Infographic]
    Remember when you were a desperate teenager, furiously dry humping on the basement sofa in the throes of young passion? Don’t leave dry humping in the dust: do it tonight.
  7. Top 10 Lazy Yet Smart Ways To Spring Clean Your Home
    It’s spring cleaning time. Even if you have the urge to clean your home from top to bottom, perhaps your natural laziness is keeping you from getting started. No worries — here are ten MacGyver-ish ways to freshen your home with minimal effort.
  8. How To Use A Simple Pocket Notebook To Improve Your Life
    It’s really hard to believe, but I have to say that one of the most — and possibly the most — profound changes I’ve made in my life over the last several years was the simple decision to start carrying a pocket notebook and a pen with me wherever I go. Unless I’ve made a mental miscue when swapping out a finished notebook or something, I do not leave the house without my pocket notebook resting in my hip pocket or my shirt pocket, with a trusty pen right there beside it for jotting notes.
  9. Ask LH: Are Police Allowed To Harass Me On My Property?
    Dear Lifehacker, Last night, I was driving home at 3am on a provisional licence. As I entered my driveway the police pulled up and started grilling me about why I was driving outside of the P plate curfew. I have an exemption for work which I immediately showed to them. They subsequently couldn’t fine me for driving after hours, but then they noticed my back P plate had fallen down (it fell down as I went over the bump in my driveway). So they fined me for that instead. Was just wondering if what they did was allowed, coming onto my property and all that? Thanks, F.T.P
  10. Taste Test: KFC’s Original Recipe Tenders
    Today, KFC officially launched the Original Tender: its first new permanent chicken product in nearly 15 years. As the name implies, Original Tenders are boneless strips of chicken breast flavoured with KFC’s Original Recipe. Last week, we served a bucket to our co-workers to find out what they thought of the new product. Read on for the full Allure Media verdict.

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