Last Week’s Ten Biggest Posts

You wanted: Telstra’s NBN data boost, the latest Amazon factory news and dumb science facts believed by Australians. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. It’s Official: An NBN Pricing Shakeup Is Coming
    NBN Co has revealed it is working on new “confidential” pricing models with internet and phone providers in an attempt to improve the network’s bang-for-buck. By the end of the year, a new wholesale access model is expected to be announced that has the potential to end the “tax on megabits”. Here’s what you need to know.
  2. It’s Here! Amazon Australia’s First Factory Has Officially Opened
    They have arrived. Melbourne’s Dandenong South is a whole lot busier now that online retail behemoth Amazon has opened its first Australian fulfillment centre.
  3. Telstra Is Doubling Data For All NBN Customers
    Telstra has announced that all customers on NBN plans will soon receive double their current data allowance – which is good news for 4K Netflix fans. Furthermore, users who currently pay more than $99 a month will be migrated to unlimited NBN plans. Here are the details!
  4. The Five Dumbest Science ‘Facts’ Believed By Australians
    It’s International Science Week. To “celebrate”, we thought we’d revisit this timely article about science literacy in Australia. [Warning: it makes for cringe-inducing reading — especially the bit about dinosaurs.]
  5. The Best Workout Routine For Losing Weight
    Some people exercise solely to improve and maintain an already-fabulous physique. Others just want to make their bodies look presentable by shedding visceral fat.
  6. Only Buy Bitcoin If You’re Ready To Lose It
    If you’ve been tempted to get in on the blockchain currency racket, first read tech writer Mark Frauenfelder’s story of losing access to $US30,000 ($39,186) in bitcoin.
  7. Is It Legal For ISPs To ‘Force’ You Onto The NBN?
    By most accounts, the National Broadband Network (NBN) is a bit of a dog’s breakfast. The project has been variously described as slow, expensive, unreliable, poorly implemented, unfair, needlessly restrictive and obsolete – and those are just the criticisms we can print.
  8. Do Monster Megalodons Still Lurk In Our Waters?
    The sighting of a seven-metre shark off the South Australia coast last year excited the world’s media with some making reference to the great white that featured in the classic 1975 film Jaws. It was certainly a big shark but there are tales of even bigger beasts lurking in our waters.
  9. Everything Coming To Netflix, Stan, Foxtel And Amazon This November
    Neither Stan nor the Australian Netflix library has anything near the range of US streaming services, every month we get just a little more. Read on to see all the content that will be added to their libraries in November.
  10. 12 DIY Raspberry Pi Projects That Are Worth Building
    There’s no end to the purposes you can put a Raspberry Pi to. Here are 12 of our favourite DIY projects for the popular and tiny computer.

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