The Best Mindfulness Apps Ranked In One Chart

The Best Mindfulness Apps Ranked In One Chart

A growing body of research reveals that practising mindfulness offers a number of benefits. With at least 700 mobile apps that claim to help you be more mindful, picking one isn’t easy. A new study, however, sorted through hundreds of mindfulness apps and ranked them according to their features.

The researchers rated apps using the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS), which evaluates apps on functionality, look, information quality, engagement, and subjective quality. They found that only 4 per cent of the 700 apps actually provided mindfulness training and education. Most were timers, reminders or guided meditation apps. The best-rated apps are in the chart below.

The researchers also note that there is little evidence on how effective these apps are in developing mindfulness. Still, if you’d like to learn to be more mindful, anywhere and at any time, these are the mobile apps worth trying. You can read the full study below.

Review and Evaluation of Mindfulness-Based iPhone Apps [Journal of Medical Internet Research via Psychology Today]


  • Nice, I’m so glad to see technology and mindfulness are working together. I joined a non-profit recently that started an online mindfulness program for schools/classrooms called Modern Mindfulness or We’re on our 4th+ year and actually have Univ of Vermont doing a parallel study on its effectiveness that should be published in the Fall. It’s not an app but a great online program with guided exercises for students.

  • I believe technology and mindfulness combined will definitely help increase our general awareness of the matter and help increase happiness around the world. Another method of increasing general well being and happiness is practising gratitude on a daily basis. There are heaps of gratitude journal apps out there doing this but I have created a free one called Azasu which concentrates on imagery which has a strong emotional element to it.

    It is currently available for free on iOS and Android and you can download it at

    I’m hoping that the app helps people increasing their happiness over time and become a bit more mindful of everything around them. In the end, that’s what we all want right? to be happy.

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