How To Change Your Brain With Mindfulness, With Daniel Goleman

How To Change Your Brain With Mindfulness, With Daniel Goleman

Meditation (and specifically mindfulness meditation) has become increasingly popular, thanks to apps such as Headspace and studies touting the lasting effects of mindfulness on the mind and body. But are these apps really as effective as serious meditation training? And do these studies’ findings have any basis in reality?

Joining us to discuss these issues is Daniel Goleman, co-author of the book Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain and Body. Dan is a psychologist and science journalist known for his numerous books on emotional intelligence, including the bestselling book Emotional Intelligence.

In Altered Traits, he and his co-author Richard Davidson waded through the thousands of studies that have been published on mindfulness, and identified what data we should pay attention to, and what we should ignore as hype. They also reveal the latest results from Davidson’s own lab: Data that points to what the future of mind-training methods should be.

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