Taste Test: DIY McDonald’s Nutella Burgers

Taste Test: DIY McDonald’s Nutella Burgers
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The NcNutella Burger (AKA Nutella Sweety) is a dessert-based burger exclusive to McDonald’s Italy. As its name implies, it’s essentially a burger bun filled with creamy hazelnut cocoa spread in place of a meat patty.

Sadly, the Nutella Sweety currently isn’t available at McDonald’s Australia – so we decided to make our own. The results were surprisingly good!

The McDonald’s Nutella Sweety is the kind of product that sounds gross at first, but starts to make sense the more you think about it. McDonald’s is known for its incredibly soft and lightly sweetened burger buns – adding Nutella to the equation really isn’t that crazy.

Seriously. Tell me you wouldn’t want to try this?

To make our DIY NcNutellas, we purchased a few plain hamburgers from McDonald’s without sauce and scoffed the patties separately. We then added the Nutella straight out of the jar. At $2 per burger, it was a pretty cost-effective lunch and desert rolled into one.

Personally, I thought it tasted delicious. It’s definitely a step up from plain bread. For the full verdict, check out the video below:

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  • Well I’ll be… nutella on bread… who would’ve thought of that crafty combination. No wonder I didn’t like nutella when I was spreading it on my lettuce…

    • But it’s not just any bread… It’s Maccas bread… which doesn’t even taste like bread to me 😛

      • As someone whose worked alongside Havi Global (those are the people in charge of Maccas product and packaging development, advertising etc) i feel the need to blow your mind with this bomb shell.

        Maccas buns in Australia have the LOWEST sugar content of McDonalds buns world wide. The change was implemented a few years ago around the time nutritional information was added to everything.

        So if a regular bun and nutella combo blew your mind, imagine how the actual Italian product must taste with its higher sugar content and now doubt brioche like flavour!

          • The store in Thornleigh NSW tends to be a big test ground because of it’s local to their head office.

            Some products, and their packaging have a gold/global standard. ie, Cheeseburger wrap is identical in quality (but not quite print) across the entire Oceania area.

            Ever see the numbers on the packaging? Those are called WSI (World Serial Index numbers) they can tell you where in the world something was made, and who manufactured it (Amcor, Carter-Holt Harvey, Detmold, Hutamhaki etc)

            They take quality VERY seriously. Some products take a year to launch, and often are tested in very small demographs of single states, or even half a dozen stores.

            With the exceptions of Buns which are delivered fresh from Tip Top, most of their food is handled by their own DCs and distribution lines efficiency is everything.

          • Oh, and my favourite. McDonalds Australia are very proud of the branding and term “Maccas” it’s considered affectionate and a cornerstone of why they temporarily re-branded a few stores some years back.

            “McCafe” also originated right here in Australia, in Melbourne in the early 90s and has since become a global brand shift; including a requirement for all stores including franchises to have completed a rebrand in the early 2000s

          • All of this sounds very interesting. Are you interested in speaking with me further about this? Could make for an interesting and and informative article on Lifehacker 🙂 Hit me up through the author contact form if you’re keen!

  • Maybe its just me, but I thought the Sweety was more like a doughnut/cake with nutella filling rather than actual hamburger bun.

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