Huge Pushbullet Update Adds Instant Messaging, Chat Heads And More

Pushbullet, the force that binds your devices together, has gotten a huge update today. Now, you can chat with friends (or send messages to yourself) when you push a file. It's also easier to send multiple files and the Windows app has even added Facebook-style chat heads.

Of course, the usual problem with a new chat app still exists: getting other people to use it. Even if it doesn't replace Hangouts or Facebook Messenger for you, it's still handy to be able to send a message or ask a question when you use Pushbullet to send a file or address to someone else.

The new app has been updated across all platforms, with the exception of the Mac app, which should be coming later. The updates are currently rolling out, so if you don't see it on your device immediately, give it a couple hours.

Pushbullet Apps


    That application ever so slightly resembles Google Hangouts... lol

    Also, just a slight concern for my data being passed through a third party from my phone to my PC. I seem to remember there was some serious questions about Pushbullet's use of customer data a while ago...

    Last edited 01/07/15 8:57 am

    Chat heads are cool and all, but I've never used pushbullet to send things to someone else, and I don't really think anyone I know will pick it up as yet another chat app.
    However, being able to pop up my phone as a chat head and drop files onto my phone is cool. And every other feature is still present and still awesome, so I've really got nothing to complain about.

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