Ask LH: Which Netflix Region Has The Best Anime Library?

I've been using Getflix as suggested by your site, and only recently discovered how to change regions. Enjoying the better European regions so far, but as a big Anime Fan, which Netflix region can I find the biggest library of Anime? Thanks, Dragon Ball Y

Dear DBY,

In terms of biggest libraries, it’s hard to overlook the parent US service, simply because the size of its entire library dwarfs that of the UK, or for that matter Australian libraries.

Size isn't everything, however, and one thing to always keep in mind with Netflix is that it’s still hampered by licensing restrictions by region, so that titles available in one region aren’t available in others. While it's yet to launch, it's a fair bet that in order to appeal to its core market, Netflix Japan might end with a bit of an edge when it comes to sheer quantity of anime content.

Having said that, Netflix's range of Anime isn't as substantial as its offerings in other genres. Frankly, it's pretty meagre even in its largest market. As such you may be better served by more dedicated services such as Madman’s Anime Lab, Crunchyroll or Hanabee.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    Netflix has a reasonable amount of Anime movies. But not so many series. If you want a lot more choice look at Hulu. The Anime section on Hulu is quite large and is growing all the time.

      Yup, Hulu definitely has a bigger Anime section but you do need this to unblock Hulu outside US

        Getflix is what I'm currently using. They've been really good so far and have DNS setup as well as a new VPN option.

    +1 to Anime Lab. The free version only has a 10 second ad at the start of each episode. Also massive range of content.

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