Blind Taste Test: Can Coke Life Pass For The Real Thing? [Video]

Coke Life is a new “mid calorie” soft drink that uses a natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. Unlike Coke Zero or Diet Coke, it has been specifically formulated to match the taste of the real thing. But how similar is it really? To put Coke’s claims to the test, we subjected our co-workers to a blind taste test. The results were pretty surprising.

Coke’s green-labelled, stevia-sweetened alternative to Coke Zero is being pitched as a healthier beverage option for people who don’t like the taste of diet cola. It uses a mixture of cane sugar and natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of stevia plants with around a third less sugar than standard Coke. (This works out to around 560 kilojoules and 34 grams of sugar per 500ml bottle.)

The drink’s main claim to fame is its similar taste profile to the “real thing.” According to Coke Australia, this was of paramount importance when developing the local version of the new product.

Following a successful launch now available in Australia. To commemorate the occasion, we thought we’d put Coke’s taste claims to the test with the help of our Allure Media colleagues. Surprisingly, most of them failed to identify the Life version. (In the interests of full disclosure, I feel it’s worth noting that some of the participants were slightly inebriated due to a lazy pub lunch. Your experiences may therefore differ.)

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