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Hi Lifehacker, We've just moved into our first house and I was excited to find that Optus cable internet was available. The technician came out but then said it wasn't possible to connect us because we are the back house of the section. Have I been fobbed off or is there a legitimate issue with connecting cable through a section if it wasn't done at the time of building?


Yesterday, NBN Co announced that it had successfully renegotiated its $11 billion deal with Telstra to acquire its existing copper network, as well as setting up contracts to buy and continue using the cable (HFC) networks owned by Telstra and Optus. While we're seeing lots of high-fiving going on about the deal and how it might speed up the rollout of the National Broadband Network, there are still lots of uncertainties — especially in terms of when consumers will actually get to enjoy the fruits of these arrangements.


Dear Lifehacker, I am moving into a new place and the place has VDSL2 cable internet - hooray! However, the modem supplied only has one output on it, and I am planning to connect five devices to it. Am I best off purchasing a wireless router and attaching that to it, or hunting for a wireless VDSL modem?


Hi Lifehacker, My internet (Optus Cable) is quite strange and I'm wanting to know how to fix these problems. Firstly, for some downloads I get 60Kb/s, and for some I can get up to 2,000Kb/s. Is this huge difference just to do with server speed and location of the download? It's quite frustrating having to wait 10 minutes for a 30MB file, when I have downloaded 1GB+ movies in that same time.


Optus has upgraded its HFC (cable internet) network in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to the DOCSIS 3.0 standard, offering up to four times greater speed for customers using the service. That's a welcome improvement if you're regularly working with large files, but you'll have to pay for the privilege.