Video Briefly: Game Of Thrones Bloopers, Octopus Attack, Frozen Returns

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Dragon Ball Z fan film, Disney's Frozen Fever trailer, 10 years of YouTube distilled into 16 minutes.

  • Zeven Lemon is a Sydney-based brewery specialising in beers that contain a hint of natural fruit flavour. Their signature product is the self-explanatory Strawberry Blonde: a pale ale crafted with real strawberry juice. Last week, we put this unusual flavour combination to the test with the help of some thirsty co-workers. Here''s the video.
  • The latest version of Sony’s Action Cam comes with an advanced image-stabiliser that was especially designed for use with RC drones. The result is silky-smooth aerial shots instead of the ugly juddering that drone footage is infamous for. Check out this comparison video to see the results.
  • This is the sort of wildlife video we all dream of capturing. A woman holidaying in Yallingup caught the moment a hidden octopus ambushed a crab in a rock pool. Watch it here.
  • By this stage, it’s fairly clear that flying cars aren’t going to happen any time soon, despite what old textbooks about the future might say. And there’s a simple reason for that — the whole concept of flying cars is pretty stupid in the first place.
  • You made it to the end of another weekend! Your mother and I are proud of you. And so are all of these Super Smash Bros. characters, who will now clap “realistically” at you for five minutes. Just watch (with sound on). It’s as great as it is dumb.
  • HBO has released another compilation of Game Of Thrones bloopers. Click here to check them out.
  • Christina Aguilera is famous for having a vocal range spanning four octaves. In addition to helping her belt out a tune, this versatility also makes her an amazing singing impersonator, as recently demonstrated on The Tonight Show. Click here to see her eerily spot-on take on Cher, Britney Spears and Shakira.
  • Filmmaker James Casey shares New Yorker’s obsession with coffee and shows them talking about it in this neat video that made me crave a cup of deep black joe.
  • There are two main varieties of TVs that you can buy at the moment, and each has its own set of advantages. Gizmodo takes a look at how they display bright and vibrant pictures in your living room.
  • This week, we attended a live performance of Robot's Unrivaled in Sydney; a crazy dance show featuring sword-wielding robots, giant sea serpents, twerking pandas and pole-dancing fembots. This 60-second highlights reel will give you an idea of the kind of insanity involved.
  • There is a Japanese robot that feeds you tomatoes while you run. Here is a video of it.
  • Maps that take you off a bridge and into a river. No windows. Bad battery life. This is everything that could go wrong with the so-called Apple Car in one "leaked" ad.
  • Killing Floor: Uncovered 12-minute film adaptation of the video game of the same name. It takes us on a first-person, Blair Witch-style journey inside a secret biotech facility where everything goes horribly, horribly wrong. Dim the lights and watch.
  • Breasts swing. They sag. They flop. They can move. Over the years, many games have tried to emulate the way breasts behave. There’s even a term for it: "Breast physics".
  • Tunnel-boring machines are genuine marvels of modern technology — but once construction is finished, getting the machines out can take months. This fascinating video shows how it's done.
  • YouTube is celebrating 10 years of cat videos and Downfall parodies this month, and to celebrate, The Daily Conversation put 101 of the site’s most important, funniest and worst viral videos into this supercut.
  • Your first date dramas play out across bars all over the world. Because in the world of online dating, a bar is the typical venue for painfully awkward first encounters and bartenders all have a front-row seat — and they’re definitely talking about it.
  • Disney's has a trailer out for Frozen Fever, which features the return of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and the rest of the gang. Gather the kiddies around and watch.
  • Sadly, the awesomely violent Power Rangers fan film that hit the internet this week has already been pulled offline following complaints from the creators. Here's a Dragon Ball Z fan film to help fill the void.


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