Taste Test: Zeven Lemon Strawberry-Flavoured Beer [Video]

Taste Test: Zeven Lemon Strawberry-Flavoured Beer [Video]

Zeven Lemon is a Sydney-based brewery specialising in beers that contain a hint of natural fruit flavour. Their signature product is the self-explanatory Strawberry Blonde: a pale ale crafted with real strawberry juice. Last week, we put this unusual flavour combination to the test with the help of some thirsty co-workers. Watch the video for our verdict!

When John Lennon wrote Strawberry Fields Forever, he was referring to a Liverpool orphanage — not a pint of lager. And yet, the concept is every bit as far-out and surreal as that classic song. Seriously: who the hell puts strawberries in their beer? Crazy hipsters, that’s who.

In actual fact, the flavour combo isn’t entirely without precedent. There are currently several strawberry craft beers on the market and cider drinkers have been sipping on Rekorderlig for years. However, to the best of our knowledge Zeven Lemon is the first local beer manufacturer to try its hand at this unusual brew.

The Strawberry Blonde — which confusingly features a lemon on its label — is an attempt to bring cider and beer together into one beverage. It’s a bit sweeter than a typical beer yet retains a bitter flavour that you won’t find in ciders.

The hero ingredient is its natural strawberry flavouring which is where the sweetness comes from. It’s made from real fruit juice with no artificial flavours or preservatives. The alcohol volume, meanwhile, clocks in at 4.0%.

Here’s the product description from the comany’s website:

Crafted in the vision of how we imagine a 100% naturally flavoured and perfectly balanced strawberry beer should taste – not too bitter and not too sweet. Light, crisp and refreshing flavoured beer brewed from malted barley, wheat and hops with subtle fruit flavour from a touch of real strawberry juice. It is mildly tart to start and low in bitterness with a bit of fruity sweetness to finish. Does not contain artificial flavours or preservatives.

We were initially a bit leery of this flavour proposition: while it’s true that strawberries can have a slightly bitter taste, this doesn’t automatically make them a suitable beer accompaniment. Plus, in a nation of beer-drinking swagmen called Bruce, the concept of a strawberry beer might be considered a bit emasculating. Just sayin’.

To find out if strawberry and beer are a match made in heaven, check out the video below!

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