You Can Now Get Strawberry Daiquiri in a Can If You Want to Taste Pink

You Can Now Get Strawberry Daiquiri in a Can If You Want to Taste Pink

When I hear “strawberry daiquiri”, I immediately think of those big frozen dispensers at 21st birthday parties and branded functions. Well, now you can get strawberry daiquiri in a can.

The folks at Aussie beverage company Batch & Co have released a strawberry daiquiri in 230mL cans, featuring a combination of strawberries, rum and lime juice. It’s all part of the “home tender” trend, largely brought about by us all staying at home more in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now don’t be fooled but the size of the can — a regular soft drink can, for example, is 375mL. But this 230mL can of cocktail is 14% alcohol, which means it contains 2.5 standard drinks. You may think, “I can smash that in one gulp” — I did, I won’t lie — but it’s meant to be served as two drinks. Follow the instructions, believe me.

As soon as you open the can you’re hit with an instant scent of lollies — like A LOT of lollies. This is a very pink drink, there’s no way around that. But when you take a sip, it’s nowhere near as sweet as it smells. The lime really cuts through and that sour flavour is vital.

It’s not a flavour you want to gulp. Because of the alcohol count, it packs a real punch. One can filled two champagne glasses for me, and I split them over a couple of hours.

Another reason not to gulp this strawberry daiquiri: the price. Each can costs $12, or $136 for a case of 12. It’s not cheap when you compare it to wine or beer, which most people would reach for at home. This bevvy is a bit of a treat, and best saved for things like a celebratory BBQ or even a bridal shower. But if you want to be a boujee boozehound at home just because it’s Friday, go for it I guess.

Strawberry daiquiri in a can is available at, where you can also find virgin cocktails if booze-free is more your thing.

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