Score Fish Easily With A Dish Edge

Score Fish Easily With A Dish Edge

Scoring fish (when you make little cuts in the flesh) is one of the best ways to pack a ton of flavour into the meat. As Justin Chapple of Food & Wine shows us, you can do a better job by placing the filet on the edge of a baking dish.

If you don’t score fish often, you may be wondering what the advantages are. For one, when you score fish, it helps the flesh cook more evenly. You also get better flavour since the cuts allow your seasoning to seep into the fish. Scoring fish is one way for you to get bolder flavours out of simple dishes, and using a dish edge to help makes everything go more smoothly!

Bend the fish over the dish edge so that the skin stretches, making it easier to cut through the skin. Don’t make the cuts too deep — you want your marinade or sauce to get caught in the cuts, not drip out the other side of the filet.

How to Score and Season Fish [Food & Wine via YouTube]

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