The Aussie Developer Van Workspace

The Aussie Developer Van Workspace
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Australian developer David McKinney built the Product Hunt app in a very unusual workspace: a
custom-fitted van.

As McKinney explained to our sibling site Business Insider, using the van as an office saves on rent and gives him much more mobility (and the ability to escape from a busy home with two young children):

The van office and working in different places is really about sort of preservation of flow. I get quite protective about that little window I have where I can actually make things and get creative so the office in the van is really like a tool I have to help me get there.

To ensure he has enough power for his laptop, McKinney travels with a second battery. Internet access is via a 4G hotspot.

Hit the link below for more pictures. For an even more minimal approach, check out the IT pro who lived in a car for six months.

Meet The Successful App Developer Who Transformed His Van Into His Most Creative Work Space [Business Insider]


  • Good idea, the only things I’d consider differently if I went this approach would be a popup roof, & / or some insulation so that when the sun’s on the roof the radiant heat isn’t brutal.

  • Makes sense to me. I am currently seeking to do something along similar lines that has real “WT*F*??? Ya did WHAT?” potential. Will let you know if I pull it off.

  • I have worked from home for years now, and find find it distracting during school holidays with the kids home. I suspect I have just found my next project….

  • Yeah I was thinking…. some foil board insulation in the ceiling – or over the roof, and a 200W panel or two, to power the PC and some luxuries….

    Desktop fan, small one cup kettle, chiller for the sammiches and drinks made by ones bitch etc.

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