The Insanely Outfitted, Awesomely Iluminated Workspace

The Insanely Outfitted, Awesomely Iluminated Workspace

This might be the most incredible home office we've seen so far. Software developer Stefan Didak's "world famous" home office sports not just multiple monitors on multiple desks, but also multiple workstations, servers and laptops — a total of 22 in this latest update.

We took a look at Didak's workspace previously, admiring the nocturnal lighting and gadget organisation, but what we didn't see was the entire room filled with this awesomeness. In version 7.0 of his office, Didak added another two displays to the main work area (top left of the picture). You can see the "making of" this workspace at the link below, including how he mounted LED strips behind the desks, his small server farm, how he planned the space, and other details. While this might be overkill for most of us, if you like blue lighting and tech gear, it does look like a great place to work.

Home Office Version 7 Setup 'Making Of' [Stefan Didak]


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