The Noughts And Crosses Office

There's no rule that says an office has to look like an office — that's just an assumption we make when we put them together. Public speaker and author Gijs van Wulfen decided to stray from the norm and create a workspace more reminiscent of a noughts and crosses board.

Why? He explains:

Here I am in my ideation office. If you enter it, it doesn't look like an office. People visiting me there get a "homecoming" feeling. The warm coloured carpet on the floor reminds you of a living room. It helps getting the people I work with and myself in a relaxed mood.

You should want to spend time in your office, and visitors should too. If it's fun and inviting — without offering up too many distractions, of course — you're more likely to take that first step towards getting things done. And, as we have often said, starting is everything.

Where I Work: My Tic-Tac-Toe Office [LinkedIn]


    This could be an allegory of office life. If you have two experienced O and X players, the game will always end in a stalemate.
    If my office was similarly decorated in an allegorical style, it would be Snakes & Ladders.

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