Optus Has Unlimited Cable Broadband For $90 A Month

Optus Has Unlimited Cable Broadband For $90 A Month

Unlimited broadband offerings aren’t so common these days. If you’re a download freak and happen to live in one of the areas in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne where Optus offers cable internet, its new $90 a month deal might be worth considering.

For that $90, you’ll score unlimited data (downloads and uploads), unlimited calls to Australian mobile and landline numbers, and free calls to a number of overseas destinations. You’ll also get the basic Fetch TV bundle.

The downsides? You have to sign up for a 24-month contract, and it only works if you’re in a coverage area for HFC. But hey, since anyone who is in an area with HFC isn’t likely to get anything else from the NBN, it might be time to look into it. The plan is on sale until 5 February 2015.



  • Is there a specific link we need to be clicking on? Looks to be $100/mo with a “just broadband” plan. Or are you including a discount from bundling?

    • No, the bundling discount is separate. The linked release at the bottom has the details — the Optus site itself might not be updated yet (not uncommon with new plans).

  • Just signed up for it.
    I was on the old $85 bundle plan for 120GB and no mobile calls,
    Now I get unlimited data free mobile calls and Fetch TV (whatever that is)
    for $90 as long as you’re prepared to make a 2 year commitment, Bargain!
    Though as stated by Johnconnor I couldn’t find anything on the Optus website??!!
    But Optus sales did confirm the deal.

  • What’s the deal with congestion issues these days? Optus cable complaints galore over on our friendly whirlpool page… I live in the inner west of Sydney and have adsl2+ on the undercliffe exchange. Is congested cable on the highest speed pack still better than adsl2+? I’m about 2.5km from the exchange

  • I hate 24 moth deals, no good for renters.. especially when you may not be able to take it to the next home.

    • for what its worth….. i rent…. and a while back i was moving and the address i was moving too, optus couldnt offer me any internet…. so because it was not my fault they didnt charge any cancellation fees or anything

      • Wow thats really good.. I might call them and see what they will do. If I move to an area that has it I would prefer to keep it anyway..

  • Wonder if the likes of internet TV like Stan and Netflix starting next year and Presto & Quickflix ramping up their offerings will see more unlimited deals?

  • Wow – I just called Telstra out of curiosity to compare plans. They have an $89.95 a month plan for ABN holders. 500GB a month (around 16GB per day) for top ultimate speeds (100Mb/s) on a 3.0 fibre optic connection. I’d never have thought they would have an offer as competitive as Optus and almost none of the speed issues that Optus is famous for on whirlpool…

  • @jcur0806 are you able to provide a link to that Telstra offer? Fibre 3.0 and 100Mb/s yes please. I won’t be getting NBN in my area for another 2 years

    • I didn’t find it on the Telstra web site. I am a Telstra small business customer with an ABN. I just called their business sales department on 131 423. Details of my deal are below… plus I got the modem for free (they will credit my account for the cost of it on my first bill). It’s not an NBN connection, it’s just cable broadband…my understanding is that the “cable 3.0” is fibre optic.

      Existing Telstra Business account number: (10 digit business account)
      Install address: Inner West Sydney NSW
      Bigpond technology: Cable 3.0
      Bigpond plan: 500gb plan
      Bigpond plan charge /mth 89.95
      Preferred email address: [email protected]
      Contract 24
      Modem requested (advise 144 modem charge): yes
      Self ($0) or Professional ($190) install: professional Install
      $48 Action fee advised: yes
      Total Agreed once off costs: 382

      • Is that an apartment where fibre is already installed? How come the set up price for fibre is so cheap? I thought it costs something like $10,000 to run fibre to a business..

        • Nope it’s a residential home where I have my home office. It’s not a nbn fibre connection. But “normal” cable broadband. It’s just that over the past few years Telstra have upgraded the old coax lines running over the power lines to fibre. It’s called “cable 3.0”. So as far as I can tell I will have a full fibre optic connection. What I don’t understand (as I’m now completely confused by the whole situation), is what sort of speeds this will become when the NBN is switched on… Indeed I don’t understand since this optic fibre infrastructure is already in place, why it hasn’t already been upgraded to fibre to the home speeds???!! Does anyone know the answer to this??

  • just tried to change….. im currently on the $85 plan for 300 gig…….. was told it was only if you bundle the home phone and tv aswell……. i dont have those but was able to bundle it with my partners mobile account…. however the plan is speed limited to 30Meg…… mine is currently 100 so no point in changing

  • I just changed from my $110 per month for 500Gb plan to this one. My old plan was on 20Mbs/512kbs so I’ll be glad for any boost. I also asked for a free Premium Speedpack upgrade and got that thrown in for free. Plan kicks in 1st Jan so I’ll see what speeds I get then..

  • Optus offered me this new cable $90 bundle. Am a bit nervous about the word .. cable … and how it compares to ADSL2? I currently have dodo … never again! In the little print from the above bundle it says “require an interrupted telephone line, in which case please contact us to discuss alternative options”. What does that mean, I’m probably the only one who still uses a landline but does that mean if internet is on the landline is not functional?

  • I’ve called so many times and get told that Cable isn’t available to me. Although the Optus cable network is connected to the power lines and there’s a optus cable box on the side of my house and internal plugs labelled optus throughout the house.

    Has anyone else come across this issue and found a way to get connected? It’s very frustrating when I know cable is available but because their computer system tells them the whole suburb doesn’t have cable. Yet most of the houses around here have the optus branded cable boxes connected to their homes.

    • Hey Kordez. Did you sort out your cable?? I literally had this issue this week. I just called the sales team, (might have got lucky with the consultant) but I digress. Any way I explained that you Put in my address no cable. My neighbor directly across road. Cable yes. Neighbor that’s house was subdivided from my block. Cable yes. He did google maps and the like and said he would pass it on to the Tech tem and they would either update the system, or at worst they have to send someone out to have a look and make sure (for them selves) that the cable is there. Ment to hear back about results in the next day or 2 will keep you posted if you have not already fixed your issue.


  • optus is shit we have this bundle, i record all my phone calls and we were quoted 3 times by them to get 100mbps download and 40 upload, for 50% of the time we lose 98% of our internet speed, so we have never had 100mbps down, sometimes in the morning it goes up to 50-70 for a few hours, the upload maxes at 1 it normally hovers around .7.

    i have spoken with the head of tpg who own all the pipe network in Australia, he told me that optus deliberately over sell there network allowance by 1000 % so here is how it works, optus buy from tpg a certain amount of bandwidth say for example they buy 1000 gb pm space, (also understand there is no up or download limit on pipe internet technically speaking) then they know that users average usage is say 100gb pm, this allows them to sell that 1000gb to 10 ppl, but hey sell it to 1000, we have been quoted for 6 months with them telling me that my slow speed at is because of a fault, i have recorded all these calls with them saying this, but 1 year later it is still the same and i have the same problem where i loose 98% of the product i am paying for.

    this is just the standard bullshit that scumbags tell you when u call up, when i threatened them with legal action they removed the contract. i merely said well under acc laws you have to supply me with what you advertised so i have been compiling notes and screen shot of the technical aspects of the service they sold me and i am in early 2016 going to approach a solicitor an look at what option i might have as i think there is a major case for fraud , deliberately selling a service that you know you cannot provide is ilegal

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