Which Phone Companies And ISPs Had The Most Complaints?

Which Phone Companies And ISPs Had The Most Complaints?

Annual figures for complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) show that the number of complaints were down, but almost 140,000 of us still had problems bad enough to make involving the TIO necessary. Which providers received the most complaints?

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The table below lists the number of complaints made ranked in order of provider. (Not all complaints result in formal investigations — the majority are usually resolved before that happens.) Companies which received less than 25 complaints are not listed.

Note that it’s not surprising that the biggest players — Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, iiNet and TPG — dominate the list. They have the most customers, so it’s to be expected that they’ll receive more complaints overall. The TIO doesn’t provide statistics on the number of customers for each provider, so we can’t calculate what prop

The said, the appearance of much smaller players high up the list is a clear indicator of a problem. The fact that Dodo has more complaints that iiNet (a far larger operation) suggests Dodo definitely has issues to address.

Provider # complaints
Telstra 58,009
Vodafone Australia 34,511
Optus Mobile 14,144
TPG Internet 4,680
Virgin Mobile (Australia) 3,460
Dodo Services 3,186
iiNet 3,051
Mobileworld Operating 1,365
Primus Telecommunications 1,072
Southern Phone Company 956
Medion Australia (ALDI) 914
M2 Commander 864
Business Service Brokers 759
Spintel 548
Smart Business Telecom 460
Club Telco 451
Internode 438
Vaya 421
Adam Internet 407
amaysim Australia 365
Live Connected 357
The Trustee for Zone Group Trust 333
Westnet 315
Telco Service Holdings 310
Zen Telecom 309
Exetel 304
Kogan Mobile 289
One Telecom 265
The Trustee for M & E ALCHI FAMILY TRUST 259
Engin 255
My Net Fone 247
ACN Pacific 242
Australian Private Networks 238
Sure Telecom 231
TransACT Capital Communications 228
UTel Networks 227
Boost Tel 176
iVoisys 171
Pennytel Australia 156
The Trustee for LETZ TALK TRUST 142
Next Business Telecommunications 137
Telco Blue 131
SkyMesh 127
EFTel Retail 124
Best Telecom Australia 104
Lebara Australia 100
Talk365 97
Gazal Telecom Australia 93
Total Group 81
Soul Communications 79
The Trustee for The Talkco Unit Trust 76
Lycamobile 64
NBN Co 63
Southern Cross Telco 63
EFTel 58
Yatango Mobile (Australia) 53
M2 Clear 51
Vivid Wireless Pty 50
The Trustee for the Teligent Trust 49
Telco4u 46
Veetel Pty 45
Ocean Broadband 44
Pulse Business Solutions 44
Think Mobile Pty 43
Flexirent Capital 41
PacNet Internet (A) 40
Prime Telecom 39
Max Telecom 37
Tel.Pacific 36
CardCall 34
Motion Telecom 34
HarbourIT 31
Telemates 30
Startel Communications 29
Allcomms.com.au 28
The trustee for Clear Networks Trust 28
Best Telecom 27
Community Telco Australia 26
TransACT Victoria Communication 26
Aussie Broadband 25
Intelico 25
Voicetalk 25


  • These figures should be normalised to be genuinely informative – like dividing number of complaints by the number of customers.

  • Unless we can see the relative amount of complaints to the number of customers they have then these figures are not that relevant.

  • This list does not take into account that M2 commander also owns dodo, southern phone and iprimus. I work in telco b2b and I know Telstra has the largest amount of fixed wire services secondly it would be Optus then commander. Commander have relatively little services in comparison to others on the list ur when you add up the other subsidiaries there complaints for services is probably one of the worst

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