Which Phone Companies And ISPs Get The Most Complaints?

The TIO's annual report summarises which ISPs (and telephone companies) get the most complaints and what they're doing wrong. Who's topping the charts this year?

The number of complaints logged in the 2009-2010 financial year was 167,955, which was a drop of 5% on the previous year. The top issues referred to the TIO were billing and payment problems, customer service problems failing to respond to customer queries, and bill shock over unexpected services.

Unsurprisingly, two of the most common causes of bill shock were roaming charges on mobiles (complaints were up 81%) and Internet usage on mobiles (up 71%).

The table below lists every provider who had more than 1,000 complaints lodged with the TIO in 2009-2010. (Operating carriers and ISPs are required to be members of the TIO.)

It's to be expected that larger companies will generate more complaints, given the bigger customer base they start with. So it's no surprise to see the big three networks — Telstra, Optus and Vodafone/3 — topping the list. AAPT's relatively high level may be an issue of some concern for iiNet, which has purchased its consumer Internet business. As ever, Dodo ranks highly relative to its size, though its figures have fallen from the previous year's report.

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    To be fair for telstra, I am assuming thats bigpond and telstra complaints?

    Be interesting to see the split between the two.

    Would be interesting to see normalised values complaints/number of customers.

    Unfortunately these figures are meaningless without a 'complaint per customer' or 'complaint per market share', and the article itself alludes to.

    Interesting read, would have taken something more from this if the estimated customer base was along side it.

    Agree with comments above.

    Complaints should be based on % of customers for each respective service provider/telco.

    Please update your article with the requested normalised figures. it is ridiculous that you did not do this before posting the article.

      Normalised figures simply aren't available -- the ISPs and telcos don't disclose customer numbers in a way that matches the TIO periods, and several don't disclose them at all. I agree they'd be useful!

    Operating carriers and ISPs are required to be members of the TIO.

    Not for long if exetel wins their suit.

    The teeth in that photo at the top will have me shivering over my milo for years to come.

    You forgot a Telstra complainer... me... That would come to 104722 for Telstra.

    Try being called up at 9pm at night to discuss which mobile phone plan your on? I mean, WTF. Working hours?

    Interesting article... Lets hope the NBN is all its cracked up to be.

    To make it fair, you have to compare based on how many customers belong to each ISP and divided by the number of complaints. That percentage comparison will tell exactly who get the most complains.

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