Use The 'Reversal Technique' For Drip-Free Salmon Sushi [Video]

We have previously shown how to "Zebra" your sushi for fewer drips and better flavour distribution. However, this technique only really works with inside-out rolls. If you prefer traditional sushi with food on top of the rice, the sauce just sluices off. Here's a simple hack for applying drip-free sauce to takeaway sushi with the precision of a katana-wielding ninja.

As our above video demonstrates, the trick is to flip the sushi tray over and apply the sauce to the underside of each piece of sushi. This allows you to pour the sauce directly into the rice, which is better at absorbing liquid. Once you're done, simply reattach the lid back and flip the tray back around. You now have an assortment of lovingly sauced sushi that won't drip. Huzzah!

Music: Spiedkiks


    Soy sauce on rice = too much soy sauce.

    You're supposed to turn the sushi upside down and dip the fish side in the sauce.
    Then put it fish side down in your mouth.

    Google the correct way to east sushi.

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