Are You Guilty Of Oversharing Your Photos?

Are You Guilty Of Oversharing Your Photos?

We all have that one friend who is obsessed with sharing endless snapshots of themselves via social media. Whether it’s a duck-pout ‘selfie’ or a picture of a pet duck, their desire to over-share every aspect of their lives can be embarrassing at times. In addition, it’s also stopping friends and family from enjoying special moments as they happen. So which side of the lens do you stand on?

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A recent survey by mobile service provider Amaysim found that one-in-two respondents felt their friends’ incessant photo-taking actively stopped them from enjoying themselves and often ruined the moment.

A third of people surveyed also said that photo and video over-sharing had caused them to de-friend contacts and unsubscribe from feeds. Meanwhile, only eight percent of serial snappers admitted to actually revisiting their old photos once they’d been posted online.

It’s worth noting that the sample size was quite small (“over 1,000”, according to Amaysim), but the issue is interesting nonetheless. I have to admit to being guilty of over-sharing myself — just last week, I posted a pic of a placenta pizza I made from my wife’s afterbirth to the horror of pretty much everyone on my Facebook feed. (Stay tuned for a related Lifehacker ‘How To’ gallery coming soon. No really.)

We’re interested to know what our readers make of all this. Do you feel like there’s such a thing as too much sharing? Are their any particular events/situations where you wish your friends’ camera phones could be kept away? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


  • Oh. That is revolting.

    People posting pictures of themselves seem to happen mostly with narcissistic people from my generation (gen-Y).. It is also the reason that I got off fb and set up an account with no references to my real name.

  • You seem to have touched on three topics here
    1 – people posting an excessive amount of pictures
    2 – people ruining moments by taking photos
    3 – The placenta pizza debacle

    1 – as a general rule, if it’s interesting post it. Otherwise you’re creating spam.
    2 – This annoys me. Particularly at weddings, where the bridal party are a slave to the camera. In my opinion, camera’s should capture moments, not force them. The second side of this is that people are too involved in taking a photo and miss the moment. Also, at a gig, how many pictures do you really need of every aspect of the band
    3 – This is interesting and worth posting, but completely gross.

  • Just because it’s a digital age doesn’t mean this is anything new… remember the old “slide projector” nights?? It’s just super easy to share now, that’s all.. people need to either disconnect themselves from the internet or grow a pair, in my opinion.

    • That’s very different from what this talks about because I assume the people you’d be viewing them with would all have some particular interest in them.. If not, then you know who i’m sure remembers these events in your own life? Some very bored people.

  • Ergh. I can’t stand selfies, especially the kind taken in the mirror with the perpetrator holding up their phone, usually favoured by duck faced bimbos or shirtless douchebags.

  • Sounds gross? So slaughtering millions of different animals is not gross? And sex isn’t gross? Think about it… At least they recycled! Lol!

  • I say when it comes to pointless photos, we return to the ye’ olde internet laws; ‘tits or gtfo’ or for better friends who we can tolerate a few happy snaps, ‘tits or stfu’ because i’m kind like that.

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