Smart Selfie Guides You To Take Great Portraits With Your Rear Camera

Smart Selfie Guides You To Take Great Portraits With Your Rear Camera

Android: The camera on the back of your phone is far better than the front-facing one. Smart Selfie lets you use this better sensor to take high-resolution high-quality self portraits, by guiding you with voice prompts.

It’s simple. Start the app, hold your phone out with your hand and turn it around. Smart Selfie will detect your face and try to place it perfectly in the centre of the frame. It gives you voice commands — Left, Right, Up, Closer, and so on — so your phone’s volume will have to be turned up. Follow the commands and wait for it to say, “Say Cheese!” Flash your pearly whites and you have a well-composed selfie in your hand.

The app uses face detection technology and asks you to choose how many faces it should detect. You can also choose portrait or landscape modes, how much zoom, and fiddle around with other settings.

You’d also do well to remember a few basics of taking the perfect self portrait: tilt your head forward, take photos from above the eyes, and get some good lighting with a cheap lamp.

Smart Selfie (Free) [Google Play Store via WonderHowTo]


  • with my Lumia I don’t need an app to tell me how to take a good selfie… It’s rather obvious where the rear lense is pointing, and I have a dedicated camera button. simples!

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