Unread Is A Beautiful, Gesture-Based RSS Reader

Unread Is A Beautiful, Gesture-Based RSS Reader

iPhone: Reading on your iPhone typically needs to be a seamless experience. You don't want a bunch of pictures, ads or bloat getting in your way. Unread is an RSS reader that keeps things simple and provides you with intuitive gestures for quick navigation.

On the surface, Unread is a very minimal RSS reader. You can sign in with your Feedly, Feed Wrangler or Feedbin account, and then Unread gives you a list of all your stories. From there, you'll use gestures to get around the app. Within a couple of minutes you'll be swiping and pulling your way through it.

The main focus here is reading, and Unread does a great job of using custom fonts to present text in a readable way. Text is big, easy to focus on, and you can switch between day and night reading modes. Unread doesn't have the feature set of our favourite RSS reader for the iPhone, Reeder, but it does provide a new and interesting way to read articles.

Unread ($2.99) [iTunes App Store]


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