Reeder For iPhone Gets New Features

iOS: Reeder is our pick for the best news reader on iPhone, and it received a big update today that includes a bunch of new options and settings, multiple account profiles, gesture support and plenty more.

Reeder was rewritten from the ground up and it shows. You'll find a slightly revamped user interface alongside a few new features that make Reeder more powerful. You can now subscribe (or unsubscribe) to new feeds directly in the app, change text size and use custom RSS feed Fever. You can now have more than one Google Reader account loaded at a time, and Readability syncing has improved. If you're the type to appreciate gesture control, Reeder adds in swipes for unread toggles, menu navigation, an in-app browser and image viewing. The Reeder update is free for existing users and $2.99 for new users. It's available in the iTunes App Store right now.

Reeder [iTunes App Store]


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