Unread, The Gesture-Based RSS Reader, Is Now On iPad

Unread, the Gesture-Based RSS Reader, Is Now on iPad

iPad: Unread is one of the better news readers for iOS because it's clean, easy to use and actually focuses on the reading aspect. Now, the app is available on the iPad.

What we really like about the iPhone version of Unread is how it shifts the focus from skimming to actually reading. An app like Reeder is awesome for those of us with a lot of news items in our feeds, while Unread is more for people who only subscribe to feeds they actually want to read. You can navigate the entire app with gestures, articles are displayed in stripped-down versions similar to an app like Instapaper, and it's easy to share articles with a tap. Essentially, Unread isn't about managing your RSS feed, it's about actually reading it.

Unread ($6.49) [iTunes App Store]


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