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Amazon's latest Kindle, the New Kindle Oasis, is definitely appealing. It's got a bigger screen, waterproofing, and Bluetooth support for listening to audiobooks. But if you consider reading to be fundamental, you're better off sticking to traditional paper books instead of pixelated pages.

Study after study show that reading on screens is, for various reasons, inferior to reading on paper. It's something to consider before dropping your hard-earned scratch on a New Kindle Oasis -- or any e-reader.


Little kids spell the darnedest things, am I rit peepl? As a parent, you might have some concern or may even be tempted to get out the red teacher pen, but know that "invented spelling" is perfectly normal, and may even be the key to early reading success.


When I envisioned having children, my happy fantasies included curling up and reading my childhood favourites to my kids. I pictured evenings of Little House on the Prairie, Pippi Longstocking and Little Women. When my two boys came along, I worried that their affection for board books about farm equipment meant that they wouldn't even consider reading, say, Anne of Green Gables, because that was a "girl's book" and they might be interested only in boys' stories.


Getting into poetry can be an intimidating experience, but the benefits of expressive writing are numerous. If you're unfamiliar with the genre, you might spend your time analysing poems that aren't exactly considered required reading. But if you want to get to the greats with ease, Lithub editor Emily Temple has compiled the most anthologised poems, essentially creating a greatest hits of English language poetry.


Sidekicks. Always there to lend a helping hand, or sword, or wand, as the case may be. A hero is nothing without his or her sidekick, but these companions rarely get the recognition they deserve. A few second bananas may get the spotlight on occasion -- your Robins, your Chewbaccas, your Igors -- but they all originated in comics, films, or on TV. This list is for the truly forgotten, the most overlooked of the overlooked. Here is a ranking of the top 10 best science fiction and fantasy sidekicks that originated in books.


One of my favourite guilty pleasures is to read a novel set in the city I'm visiting whenever I travel abroad. Good fiction might not be as practical as a Trip Advisor guide, but it does help to immerse you in your destination - especially if you're stuck in business conferences and hotel rooms the whole time.

With that in mind, here are 150 award-winning books set in 150 countries - from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

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We're well into winter now, but there's still plenty of time to add a book or eight to your reading list. And you'll want to, after checking out all the amazing-sounding science fiction and fantasy titles coming in July -- including several short story collections and the authorial debut of actor Wesley Snipes.


We might be at Peak TV now, but we've been at Peak Books for at least a century, and if you enjoy reading, it's physically impossible to read every book you want to, much less waste time with ones you don't. What do you do if your book club picks a dud, or your dad insists you read 300 pages that confirm his political views, or you have to give a Nobel lecture? You pretend you've read the book.


Ageing is inevitable, but the quarter-life crisis — a deep, career-anxious worry that strikes sometime in your mid-20s — doesn’t have to be. Books can protect you.

Here are a handful of titles the librarians from the Reader Services department of the New York Public Library have shared to help people keep their sanity as they enter their fourth decade.


I hate going more than 10 seconds with nothing but my own thoughts to entertain me. When I walk three blocks, I listen to a podcast. I read Twitter while I pee. What I hate the most is brushing and flossing. I can't hold my phone, I can't talk, I can't admire myself in the mirror because I'm foaming at the mouth. I can't stand it as an adult, so imagine how hard it is for a child.


In a press release on the company's blog, Pinboard, the world's best social bookmarking site for introverts, announced it has acquired Delicious, the unwanted step-child of bookmarking platforms, from Delicious Media, the company that acquired Delicious from Science in 2016, the company that bought it from AVOS in 2014, the company that bought it from Yahoo in 2011, the company that purchased Delicious in 2005. Which means you're gonna have to move those bookmarks about learning how to bake a pie, shoot a wedding, or whatever you think you'll click on eventually.


When I read genre fiction, I like to get immersed in the world of the story. I'll often play period music or a relevant soundtrack. For Hilary Mantel's literary Tudor drama Wolf Hall, I spent over an hour meticulously researching pre-Elizabethan folk and choral music. I've finally found a simpler, less distracting solution.


Reading is dope, so if you want to do more of it you should probably get better at it. The average human meat sack can inhale words through their eyes at a prodigious 250 words per minute, but speed-reading software can supposedly up your intake to close to 1000 words per minute if you're dedicated. Be warned: Various studies have shown that speed-reading methods might not be as effective as slower, traditional reading, and may dampen comprehension.