Ask LH: Can You Recommend A Good Countdown Screen Saver?

Hi Lifehacker, I've been trying to find a countdown screensaver for my exams for a while now but I just cannot seem to find a good one. Have you seen any good/cool live countdown screensavers for Windows? Thanks, Tick-Tock

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Dear TT,

For a fuss-free solution, simply head to Google and type 'set timer for X minutes' into the search box. A countdown clock will appear at the top of the search results displaying the time you requested:

You can also make the timer full-screen by clicking the icon on the far right. Too easy!

Other decent timer applications worth checking out include Chrome's Timer Tab extension, which alerts the user with a flashing pop-up notifier, Orzeszek Timer, which is a bare-bones countdown timer with an inbuilt alarm and Marinara Timer; a cooking app that works just as well for schooling. You can also find oodles of additional suggestions via our Timer and Clocks tags.

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    I think he was referring to a wallpaper.
    E.g. His exams are in 23 days time, the wallpaper would say "23 days until the exam" or something.

    Tick tock:

    I personally use Fliqlo, it is great. Get it here for PC:
    or for MAC:

    And if you are looking for a good countdown timer for events, use this one, I have developed it myself:


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