Timer Tab Combines Alarm Clock, Timer And Stopwatch

Chrome: Timer Tab is a free extension for Google Chrome that combines the functions of a countdown timer, alarm clock, and stopwatch, and has the ability to notify the user when an alarm goes off.

Technically, Timer Tab is a web app that can be accessed in any browser at timer-tab.com, but it makes use of some of Chrome's more advances features to be more effective. Basically, that means when a countdown ends in either the timer or the alarm clock, it can alert the user with a flashing pop-up notifier while also flashing the tab's title in real time. The tab's title also displays whatever count is currently running, which makes it useful for multitasking in Chrome.

Timer Tab's biggest appeal has to be the minimalist layout, and the fact that it's so easy to set an alarm or countdown before moving on to more important tasks. The alarm is tough to miss too; the user can choose any YouTube clip to use as the audio alarm (a big ringing bell is the default), while Chrome itself will also pop up a notifier in the corner of the screen.

So, if you're on the go and have Chrome available on the system you're using, Timer Tab can be a quick and easy way to make sure you don't miss an important deadline, oversleep, or spend too much time on one task when you've got several to finish.

Timer Tab is a free extension for Google Chrome and can be installed at the Chrome Web Store.

Timer Tab [Chrome Web Store]


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