The 32GB Nexus 5 Has Already Sold Out Once

If you're tempted to order a Nexus 5, I wouldn't faff about. Within two hours of going on sale, the 32GB model has already sold through one allocation.

While initial orders for the 32GB model promised to ship in "1-2 business days", the 32GB model is now listed as "Leaves warehouse by November 8", meaning it's part of a second batch. As I write this the cheaper 16GB model still ships near-instantly, but who knows how long that will last?


    I got up at 5:30am just in case it was released this morning.

    I'll never rag on an iPhone fanboy again...

      I'll never rag on an iPhone fanboy again.

      You should, because they own an iPhone.

      I was tempted to do the same thing (get up early) but I thought it would happen tomorrow for us (as that would be November 1st in the US). I was surprised actually that it went on sale for us today.

      I missed out on the first batch, hopefully I'll make the second batch.

      I ordered mine at 4:40am. I've never done this kind of thing before - I don't know whether to feel exhilarated or ashamed...

        At least you didn't stand in line for a week in order to get it..

    The white one still ships in 1-2 business days

    Never rag on an iPhone fanboy again? You show great restraint!

    To tell you the truth, Apple fanboys have gotten much better in the last few years. You see very few "rabid" Apple fanboys these days.. Thankfully.

      A decline in innovative features for new releases will do that...

    I ordered mine at about 7:20am this morning, and got told that it leaves the warehouse in 1-2 days, but that it was taking longer than usual to process my order, and I'd receive an email when it was processed. I got an email about a minute after that, though I'm not sure if that's the final confirmation, or if that was a confirmation that I'd placed an order.

    Glad I ordered when I did, as I knew the Nexus 4 sold out quickly and there were all sorts of issues in shipping after that and expected a similar thing today.

      did the same thing, bought it before Uni

        Felt kind of bad because it was more of an impulse buy than I would have liked, but it's mostly a work phone, so the tax back should be alright.

    It sold out twice now me think. now it's available withing 2-3 weeks...

    White noes still 1-2 days ... mines shipping on the 5th so I should have on Wed/Thurs next week.

      Do you think delivery will be that quick? They are being shipped from Singapore, if my email is correct.

        I'd hope so ... no idea who is doing the delivery though.

        I ordered some clothes from New York on a Monday afternoon - arrived Thursday afternoon with UPS so it can be done.

        Either way - I can wait a few extra days :) well worth it imo

          If you're in Victoria, expect delays due to Melbourne cup day. And if you ordered a 32gb model, expect 1-2 days for it to actually leave the warehouse.

          This suggests a 3-4 day delivery time, after it ships.

          So not too bad, I guess.

        Singapore??? I live in Singapore, Nexus phones are not available here via Play (although you can get it through unauthorised channels). Google needs to get its act together, they could have half the market here (Samsung can fight for the other half with Apple), Singaporeans love gadgets, they'll buy it without hesitation.

        They ship from Hong Kong. Singapore is just the admin office.

      One more update, for those playing along at home.

      I got an email that mine has shipped. Estimated arrival date is Monday 4th!

    *meant to reply not new post*

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    Bought the 32GB on the morning of release. Expected delivery from HK is Monday 4th according to FedEx.

    Ordered mine at 6:15am on Friday, 2-3 days delivery. At lunchtime I realised I hadn't received any confirmation email, checked my order to find it had been cancelled.

    Now waiting 2-3 weeks... : /

    Although having said that, I still haven't received a confirmation email.

    Theyre now out of stock. Looks liked Google has pulled the same shitty stunt they did last year and are probably now going to make us wait 3 months for more stock. How f*cking stupid. Seriously, can you imagine Apple doing this to themselves? Why would a company as big as Google limit their stock when the N4 sold like hot cakes last year, and the Nexus brand has gained such a large following? They're shooting themselves in the foot. Bloody ridiculous.

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