Google's Nexus 5 Is On Sale In Australia Right Now

The much-rumoured Nexus 5 Android smartphone from Google is now official — and it's already on sale in Australia (and selling fast). That makes it the first device powered by Android Kit Kat.

The 16GB model costs $399, while the 32GB variant is $449. (The US pricing starts at $US349, which is effectively equal once you convert currency and add GST.) You can choose between black or white.

Google says the phone will ship within 1-2 business days (most likely from South-East Asia); you'll pay $19.95 for shipping. Update: The first batch of 32GB models has sold out.

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    Talk about a stealthy release... we knew it was coming soon but they didn't make any kind of furore over that.

    Just ordered the white 32gig - $468.95 including shipping.

    Goodbye Motorola Razer clamshell relic!

    Wait woah, is there a contract to a telco or something? That's cheap!

    No, there is no contract or telco involved.

    Nope, thats outright. Since the Nexus 4 last year, Google has been big on pushing device prices down to what it considers reasonable.

    pity it looks cheap compared to the N4 :( if it was all white instead of classic white back black front it would improve a lot.

    My black 32gb is on the FedEx truck to be delivered today :-) This will be my 4th Nexus.

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